Home Improvement Projects You Can Do For Under $50

These are great ideas to keep in mind when you are designing your custom home, or to improve the one you already have. Who says home improvement has to be boring, or expensive?


This idea is free! De-cluttering can make your house feel bigger, nicer, and less stressful. If you have enough extra unwanted stuff, you could even have a garage sale and make some money off of it. Even if you aren’t getting rid of stuff, putting things away or into organizational containers will make your home more aesthetically pleasing overall. Rearrange your furniture or buy new decorations to really get a new look.


A $30 gallon of paint can go a long way, and moving up to our $50 limit can give you enough rollers, brushes, and paint for multiple rollers. Tired of that yellow that has been in the study since you moved in? Revamp your feelings about your house just by simply adding or changing the colors.

Replace the doorknobs and drawer handles

When designing your own custom home, you can select these things from the get-go! But if you purchased your home off the market, replacing details such as the handles and knobs can go a long way.


A super cheap way to do this is to “shop the house.” This simply means going from room to room and swapping things out like knick knacks or lamps. If you are ready for new, check out Target or Pottery Barn to add some throw pillows or a mirror to a room or two.

Rent a power cleaner

Sometimes a vacuum just won’t cut it. A power cleaner deep-cleans your carpet to give it that “like new” look. You’d be surprised how satisfying it is to have clean carpet. Home Depot rents carpet cleaners for $25 for 24 hours, and many grocery stores and other stores also rent carpet cleaners for a day.

Swap light switches

Just like paint can change a mood, so can the light in a room. Swapping out discolored switches and outlets for sleeker new ones with dimmers not only gives you more control over your home’s lighting, but is more eco-friendly as well.

Install energy efficient thermostats

Although this might not improve the look of your home (even though some certainly look better than others), it will definitely make it feel better. Digital programmable thermostats can save about $180 a year on energy costs by setting temperatures for when you’re home and adjusting them when you’re sleeping or out of the house. Here’s one for $36 that is Energy Star compliant.

Family photos

For $50, you can purchase several frames for family photos. If you want to save money, simply replace the older photos that are already in the   frames you have. Pick your favorite memories and happy times that you want to see every day.

Wall art

This is so easy to do, and there are so many options online that you are sure to find something that you like for a very reasonable price. Quotes, flowers, decals, and posters all add so much personality to a room and can fill those boring, empty walls.

Add plants

An easy and inexpensive way to make a room more cozy is to add potted plants. If you have a garden or a nursery nearby, fresh flowers can add so much life to your home.

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