Toddler Proofing the House

A growing toddler signals time for change in the household. What are the proper precautions to take when considering your home safety? We have simple tips to guide you through your safe and effective child-proofing.

Corners and edges.

1.Rather than refurnishing the entire house, look for rubber cover pieces that stick to those pointy corners. This will help insure the falls and bumps of a clumsy child to be far more safe. This will also protect your furniture from the damage of toys. For a exploring toddler, cabinet locks may come in handy to keep hazards away.

2.Knick knacks and breakables.

Sadly, these objects will have to be put out of reach or in a sturdy place: picture frames, vases, statues, books and other possessions. It takes nothing but a few seconds for a spark of interest to appear in a toddler’s eye. Only a few more for it to be broken and on the ground. So, keep your valuables and breakables behind locked cabinets or up high.

3.Soft and comfortable.

When fixing an environment for a child, keep in mind where all of the slip and fall areas might be. Rugs can be an excellent choice for breaking a fall and accenting the style of a room.  Toys with hard areas, like plastic eyes and removable small objects, can be a major hazard to children as well. Adult supervision should always be considered when playing with hard or small materials. Plush toys can be a nice solution for playtime until transition.

Making sure your things stay unbroken and your child is safe can be done in just a few steps. See your local store for kits to make life just a little less hectic.

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