Summer Tips for Home Upkeep

Watch out for the Cottonwoods

If you live in Oklahoma, you are most likely familiar with the white fluffs that Cottonwood trees give off in the summer time. They look like harmless little wads of cotton, which typically they are, until they clog up your air conditioner’s condenser and can ruin it! It is a good idea to clear out your AC’s condenser both preventatively in the spring and following the falling of the Cottonwood seeds to make sure you’ve rinsed them all out.

Check out your roof shingles

The harsh summer sun can really damage roof shingles. Look for shingles that are cracked, buckling, loose, or missing particles – these need to be replaced. Storms during the summer can also be hard on your roof, so make sure you are regularly examining for possible damage.

Patch up the yard with compacted soil

If there are areas in your yard near your foundation that are lower than others, fill them with compacted soil. Summer storms can cause yard flooding, which can be detrimental to your foundation. Additionally, if these low areas fill with water in the heat, they can be a breeding ground for bugs.

Prepare your power equipment

Check your gas and battery powered yard tools to make sure they are energized and ready to go for the summer. Clean equipment and sharpened blades can make yard work more efficient and cut down on your workload later.

Clean your garage

A summer cleaning of the garage should be a ritual for everyone. Since this area is easy to neglect, giving it a thorough cleaning for the summer will make it easier to work in and last much longer!

Summertime in Oklahoma can be beautiful, unpredictable, HOT, and fun! Make sure your home doesn’t give you any extra stress during the season of relaxation.

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