Step 1

Simple Build

Secure the Homesite of your dreams, while talking through your must haves in one our Communities.

Step 2

Agreement & Plan Sign Off

Sit down with our Lead Project Manager, here you will confirm and sign off on your final plans and design standards

Step 3

Pre-Construction Orientation

We sit down with our Interior Designer and team and customize your home to your exact preferences. You will be able to make changes to the design and the exterior of the home and begin the first part for your selections.

Step 4

Interior Design Consultation

When building a custom, you will get to take advantage of our talented Designer as we make your dream come to life thorough your selections.

Step 5

Electrical Walk Through

During your electircal walkthough, we will meet at the home and make sure all your switches and outlet dreams have come true.

Step 6

Cabinetry Walk Through

Meet onsite with your designer and our carpenter to design your kitchen and other features throughtout your home!

Step 7

New Home Orientation

A member of our team will walk you through your new home to acquaint and inform you of all systems and of their functionality. If there are any areas of the home that need any final touchups, they will be noted.

Step 8

New Home Delivery

Your community Manager will walk you through your home to verify all items have been completed. You will now sign off on your new home and go to closing!

Step 9


You signed the papers and have the Keys, let the moving begin!!

Step 10


Your 1 year warranty starts from your closing date!