Custom Homes

Custom homes stand out from the crowd. They are one-of-a-kind, upscale creations that come with luxury upgrades and unique architectural design.

Custom home buyers enjoy not only flexibility in home design and architecture, typically, they also choose their ideal location and environment. As a result, custom home design often incorporates elements of the local landscape, whether that’s a view of the ocean, a natural stream, or the distinct colors and plants of a desert landscape.

Differences Between Custom & Production Homes

While production builders build communities by restricting design to a group of preselected home types on lots they have picked and purchased themselves, custom builders usually build on land owned by the customer and can start fresh with each design.

Production builders typically construct many homes throughout the year and may offer a variety of options, but production builders generally do not use construction plans other than the ones selected by the building firm. Custom builders spend more time on each project and often work on fewer than ten homes a year.

Custom or Production?

It’s the big question when it comes to home buying: custom or production homes? Both ways of building new homes have advantages and disadvantages. But which is right for you? Let’s take a look at the factors you should look at when making this decision.

Land Selection

Most production homes are built in large communities developed by a home builder, so land selection is usually restricted. Custom homes can be built on any owned parcel of land, which offers versatility.

Design Choices

Production homes usually fit a unified aesthetic of a neighborhood or a community. Make sure you enjoy that neighborhood aesthetic, as your home will look similar. As for a custom home, the world is your oyster: anything goes!


With a custom home, every detail is worked out from scratch: a very tedious and methodical process that can take a long time for your dream home to be built. Production homes can be constructed rapidly, as several similar homes have been built already.


Concerns about the resale value of custom homes depend on the home you build. Michael Jordan’s behemoth of a house plastered with his own logo might not appeal to many people, but a home with a unique layout that fits you might be a fit for someone else as well. As for a production home, there are few special concerns for reselling your home.

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