There is No Place like Norman

When you are building your dream home, location is key. The town you choose to build in will become your community. Brookfield Custom Homes has built many homes in the Norman area. We have seen many families completely fall in love with their home and the community surrounding them. Here are just a few reasons why you should build in Norman.

You will never be bored in the “City of Festivals”!

There is always an event happening any given weekend. Norman is home to many local festivals including the annual Chocolate Festival, Summer Breeze Concert Series and the Norman Music Festival. Norman may house big events but it is still a small family oriented community. The city also host many smaller events like their annual fall festival filled with rides, activities and food. During the holiday season the Downs Family Christmas Lights Ministry has become a tradition for many Norman families. Without a doubt you are sure to find something to become your new tradition.








The food will not disappoint.
For those days you don’t want to cook in your beautiful new custom kitchen, Norman has your covered. You can pick anything from classic American food from the Classic 50s Drive-In, to traditional Venezuelan or Japanese food that can be found on Campus Corner. Some of the hot spots in Norman include Greek House, Tarahumara’s Mexican Café, and Ray’s Smokehouse BBQ. Whatever it is you are craving to eat, Norman has it!








The school system is one of the best.

Norman public schools take pride in focusing on their students’ needs. Majority of Norman schools from elementary to high school test better than 90% of the rest of the state of Oklahoma. Elementary and middle schools have an average of 15 students per teacher. Once in high school, the small town feeling is strong but the options of clubs and sports a student can partake in are unlimited.
Solve the summer and winter blues.

When the days seem to drag on and you need a change of scenery you can grab your family and jump on to I-35 N to visit Oklahoma City. Within 30 minutes you and your family will be where the OKC Thunder play. Norman is the perfect distance for you and your family to spend the day in OKC, while being able to return home to sleep in your own bed.








Large variety of homes.

Whether you are looking for a small home for yourself, a larger home for your growing family or a home where you can age in place, Norman is for you. If you have fallen in love with the Norman community, fall in love with your home. If you cannot find your dream house, let Brookfield Custom Homes built it for you.
Build your perfect home to fit your needs and become part of a neighborhood community where you will be welcomed with open arms.

Where are you placing your elf this year?

Are you running out of ideas where your elf on the shelf should go? Try these creative things in your home this year. If you haven’t already heard of Elf on the Shelf, here is a brief description. This idea of elves hiding around the house comes from a book titled “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition”. An elf is sent from the North Pole to help manage the naughty and nice list. Only when you start to personalize the scout elf, he will receive the Christmas spirit. Each night the elf flies to Santa to report what he sees, and in the morning he hides in a new spot for you to find.In general, hiding the elf to surprise the kids is the main reason to grab an Elf on the Shelf this year. Running out of ideas for hiding spots? We’ve got you covered. First, start off with a shelf of some kind. Pick a place with the most traffic, like the living room, so the children can spot him. Next, leave your elf with a note stating why he is there and that he needs a name. Let the children pick a name for him. Now that the kids are familiar with the elf, it’s time to get creative. Here are some ways to let your elf have some fun this Christmas.1.A board game. Believe it or not, elves love board games. They just aren’t very good at cleaning up afterwards. Pick a board game in the closet and put it to use by staging a board game scene.2.Get out some food! Elves don’t eat that much, so don’t worry about wasting food for this choice. Pick out a cereal or a cracker for the elf to eat when the kids wake up in the morning. 3.Let the elf have some company over. Bring the kids dolls in to interact with the elf. A play date, wrapping presents, spin the bottle or a snowball fight with marshmallows will do the trick. Alternate with these ideas, or have some fun with your own. Elf on the Shelf is sure to make your children’s Christmas much brighter.

Toddler Proofing the House

A growing toddler signals time for change in the household. What are the proper precautions to take when considering your home safety? We have simple tips to guide you through your safe and effective child-proofing.


Corners and edges.

1.Rather than refurnishing the entire house, look for rubber cover pieces that stick to those pointy corners. This will help insure the falls and bumps of a clumsy child to be far more safe. This will also protect your furniture from the damage of toys. For a exploring toddler, cabinet locks may come in handy to keep hazards away.


2.Knick knacks and breakables.

Sadly, these objects will have to be put out of reach or in a sturdy place: picture frames, vases, statues, books and other possessions. It takes nothing but a few seconds for a spark of interest to appear in a toddler’s eye. Only a few more for it to be broken and on the ground. So, keep your valuables and breakables behind locked cabinets or up high.


3.Soft and comfortable.

When fixing an environment for a child, keep in mind where all of the slip and fall areas might be. Rugs can be an excellent choice for breaking a fall and accenting the style of a room.  Toys with hard areas, like plastic eyes and removable small objects, can be a major hazard to children as well. Adult supervision should always be considered when playing with hard or small materials. Plush toys can be a nice solution for playtime until transition.


Making sure your things stay unbroken and your child is safe can be done in just a few steps. See your local store for kits to make life just a little less hectic.

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